Setting up Blackboard for First-Time Use

Before you begin using Blackboard, practice these simple instructions and calibrate exact-erase to make sure you get the most out of your Blackboard writing experience.

Writing & Erasing

Blackboard offers two satisfying ways to erase your work - Clear and Exact-Erase. This video shows you how they both work. The Exact-Erase function on Blackboard lets you erase just a portion of your work, similar to erasing like pencil. Exact Erase should be calibrated on first use and this video will show you how!

Using the Lock Switch

Blackboard has a Lock Switch which protects your work from accidental erasing. Sliding the Lock Switch to the right disables both the clear and the exact-erase functions. The red indicator on the Lock Switch tells you that Blackboard is locked and that your work is protected.